Keys 2 Drive

What is Keys 2 Drive? Well, it’s an Australian Government funded initiative that allows learner drivers and parents access to a free one hour lesson. It’s a great way to kick start your learning, no matter what your driving skill level is. The lesson will provide you with a lot of the essential information to improve driver safety. Helping P platers to build the foundations for lifelong learning and safe driving. Your parents/supervisor must attend this lesson. We’ll give tips and ideas to guide the learner driver through the process of learning to drive. We will give support and encouragement and clearly lay out the next steps in the learning process. We believe we are in this together with you to achieve the same goal of safe and responsible driving.

Emmerson Driving School is a platinum level accredited instructor (which basically means we're very experienced) and we can shape the lesson to suit your skill level.

To apply, enter here  – you’ll be sent an ID number which we can process for the free lesson.